Monday, August 31, 2009

Cebu: Food trip

If you are on a diet, don't go to Cebu!!! why? because we gained at least 5lbs from that trip.... lip smacking ng pagkain nila dun at super mura

Our first stop was at Joven's Grill, but due to hunger, we don't have any pictures to prove our yummy feast. Eat all you can for only php169 including bottomless drinks!! wagi!

Then, we headed to CNT Lechon. What is a Cebu trip without eating a authentic Cebu Lechon!!! mouthwatering! no sarsa needed. Actually, they use toyo-suka as sawsawan.

php 320/ kilo (Aug 2009 rate)

Lani & Masson recommended Casa Verde for a cozy dinner. I must say their baby back ribs -- a must! see pics below


hahahah! evidence how delicious it is!

watermelon salad for Php 79 is to die for.

Casa Verde

69 Lim Tian Teng St., Cebu
Tel: (032) 253-6472

CNT Lechon
1377 V. Rama Avenue
Guadalupe, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-4249, (6332) 254-6641
Branches: Ayala & SM Cebu

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cebu: Day 3

This is the famous Mactan Bridge that connected the City of Cebu to Mandaue.

After checking in our bags at the airport, we headed straight to Tambuli Beach Resort for a day tour worth PhP 350.00 consumable for food and drinks.

Taxi: PhP 160.00 for a metered taxi from the airport
PhP 200.00 fixed rate from Tambuli resort to the airport

We are not very happy with the decision of visiting Tambuli. Why? the food was not as great as I thought it would be. Much better pa ang baby back ribs ng Casa Verde. And we ordered for Tenderloin steak but Chicken Cordon Bleu was served instead. We didn't made the effort to have it change since we are running out of time. It could have been better if we went to Maribago Beach resort na lang sana. Now, we know.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cebu: Day2

Taoist Temple - Built in 1972 and this was constructed due to the fact that about 15% of the population belongs to the Chinese community.

How to get there:
-- taxi cab fromAyala Center will cost around PhP55 - 60
-- the driver will offer to wait for you til you finish exploring the temple for PhP250 per hour plus the meter charge

Magellan's Cross - historians said that the cross was mounted by Magellan in 1521. This has been an important landmark in Cebu, previously known as Sugbu.

How to get there:
- From Ayala Center, just Php 50 - 65.00 taxi fare. The was a bit of a traffic build - up on the road leading to Magaellan's cross

Basilica de Sto. Nino - founded in 1565 and some say this is where the Sto. Nino image had been found. This is also where we can buy religious statues of Sto. Nino, Mama Mary and other religious items.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cebu: Day 1

Papa Masson and Mama Lani fetched us at the airport, together withMama Ana and Papa Je. We went straight to Lapu- Lapu shrine. See pics below:

Dropped by Mactan Shangrila hotel for a short walk in the beach and picture galore! Shangrila hotel is a very lovely place. Ganda!

After, we had a buffet dinner at Joven's Restuarant. Yummy food at a very reasonable price of PhP 169 (pls correct me if I'm wrong). Wide array of choices were there like ribs, lechon kawali, crab, mixed seafood, bottomless drinks, etc, etc. Sorry we were able to take pictures here because we were busy eating.

With a very full stomach, Papa Masson and friends drove us to our hotel for late check-in. 9pm check-in. Yay! We booked Regal Business Park Hotel prior to our flight to Cebu. The hotel is situated at the back of Ayala Center, right in the heart of the city. 3 minutes walk lang from the mall. For only PhP 1,800 per room for two pax with buffet breakfast, very cheap dba! Our room was very nice and clean lahat - including the bathroom. Good vibes ang dating. Pag clean bathrooms, approved agad sakin. So, if ever I'll be back in Cebu, I'll still stay in Regal Business Park Hotel.

Thanks to Papa Eyron for suggesting a place to stay!
Thanks Papa Masson and Mama Lani for your time and kindness!

more to come!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Had a short trip to Cebu this weekend with Neng via Philippine Airlines. I really love Boeing 747 and PAL's free peanuts.

More details to follow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Isang Malaking Check: Canonical Interview & NSO docs

This has been a very productive day for me and Ninja. Nice!
Here's our detailed itinerary:

8am - meeting place Marikina Riverbanks
- traveled to Christ the King and played hide & seek with the MMDA boys kasi color coding kami. I took charge of the steering wheel all the way to CTK so just in case man mahuli, mas madaling mag drama ang girl at kaawaan ni mamang MMDA.

Traffic pa din dun until you reach bandang Jollibee. I thought the new U-turn slots in C5 road helped in lessening the traffic. Prang di gaano. I'm not sure ha or nagkataon lang today. My usual route to the office is Marikina to Timog kasi.

830am - drive thru Jollibe Libis

845am - saw myself talking to Ms. Lily regarding my Baptismal Cert issues while answering our sheets for the Canonical Interview.
- 3rd in line for team Ninja & Princess. About 3-5 couples pa after us -- any w@wies who were there awhile ago???

930am- We were called na!!! Father Buboy was the one who conducted our Canonical Interview. He asked us if we have our docs already and other personal questions. No questions regarding Sacraments or The Commandments were asked. It is more about if we know each other fully;etc;etc

950am- done!

10am - drove to work na. Ninja took charge cause I felt sleepy kasi aga namin nagising.

3pm - NSO naman. Since, it's just one jeepney ride away din lang naman from our office.

BTW, I must commend NSO for having a very systematic and huge area ha. Very very good. =P

All we did was:

*Step 1 - get forms for Birth Cert copy and CENOMAR - fill it up using black ink & in PRINT dapat. Do not forget the back part cause I did missed that... due to excitement siguro.

* Step 2 - Have your forms assessed and marked for payment

* Step 3 - Pay your dues:
Birth Certificate is PhP 140 per copy
CENOMAR is PhP 195 per copy

After paying, make sure your names printed in the receipt are correct. Otherwise, inform the teller/cashier right away. We were given a schedule on when we can get our docs. Yipee!!! We can get ours on August 20 for our Birth Certificate & August 26 for our CENOMAR.

We were back in our office before 4pm. Bilis lang. I guess it is much better to go there between 230pm- onwards. by the way, they also have their delivery service. Kindly launch link:

Their delivery service was an option for us. But, I personally wanted to experience doing it and besides it's just a 5minute jeepney ride from our office lang naman. So not bad na din.

Two done! This has been a fulfilling day for Team Ninja & Princess.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colored shoes i loooove

From Manolo's to Nina Ricci and Nine West.

Hoping to find my pair soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tulips or Calla Lilies

I can't decide between calla lilies or tulips for my bouquet.

Calla lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers with a unique form of the flower. Calla lilies come in a wide array of colors like shades of green, pink, purple, yellow and orange.

It signify magnificence and beauty.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flower of all time, and the third most popular flowers world-wide next only to the Rose and Chrysanthemum. Tulips come in an incredible variety of colors, heights, and flower shapes. Some Tulips are even fragrant.

Facts from
pictures from a local flower shop

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Christ the King Church

Christ the King, Green Meadows
Tel: 6330280
Contact Person: Ms. Lily
Church with aircon - Php25,000.00

Possible Reception Venues:
1. Hall (up to 300 pax) - Php 15,000.00
2. Glass Garden -
3. The Blue Leaf - www.
4. Green Meadows Clubhouse
5. Edsa Shangrila Hotel
6. Crowne Plaza
7. Valle Verde Clubhouse
8. Wack - Wack hall
9. Mango Farm -

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red Meat

Hubby is a red meat eater, which I have adopted for some time now. While preparing our baon this morning, Yaya told me that my sister is bothered by our eating habits. Beef is bad for everyday consumption daw. Due to their concern, I researched about the health effects of Red meat and I found out the following:

1. researches sited that red meat could cause higher risk to cancer. Some linked breast cancer, colon / stomach cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer and prostate cancer to red meat.

2. Saturated fats from beef can lead to Cardiovascular disease.

3. others could be, diabetes, hypertension, bone loss and arthritis.

Maybe I should start serving fish and veggies for our baon very soon. Pork is a no - no for hubby to be, sayang masarap pa nman ang liempo. At our age, we should WATCH what we eat.

Deliberate before you chew.

photo taken from:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Rings

We purchased our wedding rings after booking our souvenir. We got a non-conventional style with even #s of diamonds on each ring. Some oldies told us to make sure the stones/diamond should total to an odd number. Kami ay dedma. Love and marriage is not based on sayings/hearsays. I believe that if it is bonded with so much love and respect, the marriage will last.

Wear this ring as the sign of my love and loyalty.... I can't wait.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Photobooth is the latest craze in town. For our wedding, we booked PartyPicsLive back in December 2008. This is actually the FIRST supplier I booked. Biruin mo yun, nauna pa ang souvenirs!!!

Why did we hire a photobooth?
1. both of us are picture addicts - either we love "being" the subject of a photo or simply because both of us is into photography.
2. I wanted to incorporate something new for our day
3. This spells F-U-N in capital letters
4. not a dust collector

Why PartyPicsLive?
1. I believe they are the pioneer in this biz
2. nice print output
3. Nadia is easy to talk to.
4. They had a wonderful promo at the time -- I couldn't resist!!!

1 2 3 SMILE

Monday, August 10, 2009

Love Story: Narvaez - Fetalvero

December 18, 2008
Mount Carmel Church
Horan Hall

that's the famous Father Erick

and this me... hair and make - up by Ara Fernando

pictures by: Ninja

Mt. Carmel Church

If you want to walk in a long aisle, I recommend Mt. Carmel.

Mount Carmel Church
Address: Broadway, New Manila Quezon City
Tel Nos.: 7245938 / 7241489

Possible Reception venues:
1. Fr. Horan Hall - within Mt. Carmel compound
2. Oasis Manila - www.
3. Plaza Ibarra, Timog -
4. Gazebo Royale -

This was taken by Ninja during my friend's wedding last December. Reception was held at the Horan Hall, which is just 2-3 minutes walk from the church. Very convenient. Parking is not a problem too!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farm Town

Coins: 699,254
Level: 29 - Virtuoso
Just planted: Blueberries
Ready to harvest in: 3 days

I am addicted to farm town. Funny because I was not or let me say, was never been addicted to any games or online games for that matter. But this one is something I cant explain.

Farm Town becomes addicted when you want to purchase a new home or a pond or maybe by simply longing to plant high-earning coins. Also, hiring an employee, who is addicted as you are --- like my friends, office mates and cousins. This has been our cyber bonding.

Now, I just can't wait for being eligible for a Green House purchase. See you in my farm!

Happy Birthday Dinner Date

Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel
Eastwood, Libis

Pasta Ysabel - their version of Pasta Marinara

US Beef Salpicado - this is not your usual salpicao. a must - try!!!

Verdict - yummy na!!! value for money pa.
You'll never go wrong talaga with Cafe Ysabel.

* sorry for the blurred pics. cellphone cam lang ito. =) & wasn't able to take picture of the other yummy foodie we ate. Napakain eh! =P